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17/0655/FUL | Installation of a dropped kerb and new chain-link fence. | Land Opposite Netherhall School Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8QY

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266 Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8NL (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 05 Jun 2017

please see separate letter, posted to Mr Sav Patel, today.

I object on these grounds:

ENVIRONMENTAL because of the destruction to trees, shrubs and grass verges
HAZARDS to ROAD SAFETY An additional busy exit, over dual use pavement, onto narrow Queen Edith's Way, would constitute a traffic hazard
INTRUSION to NEIGHBOURS' PRIVACY: The extra noise, light and air pollution from large scale parking would have a negative impact on neighbours and would constitute an intrusion into their peace and privacy.

209 Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8NJ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 02 Jun 2017

209, Queen Edith's Way
02nd June 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

App Reference: 17/0655/FUL
Installation of a dropped kerb and new chain-link fence/gate on Queen Edith's Way

We are the residents living on the same side of the Netherhall school grounds for which the above planning application applies. Folk Festival organizers are applying for this planning application claiming it will only be used for 5 days of the Folk Festival. It will be impossible for the council to enforce/ensure that the entrance will only be used for Folk festival after the permanent access is given. Residents around the area who pay the council tax have to live with the consequences of this proposal for rest of the 360/361 days of the year. Hence, we object to the proposal and following are the reasons for the objection:

O1. Destroying the character of the surrounding area:
This proposal will need cutting down of existing trees/greenery and/or too near to establish trees. This can eventually destroy the character of the surrounding area.
The fencing/gate proposed will not be compatible with the character of the area as well. Note the existing entrance is a proper access gate, appropriately lowered kerb, clearly visible and supported by paved road inside and the proposal is for a chain-link fence/gate.
O2. Access not safe to road users:
Queen Edith's Way is a very busy road and around this area, it is very narrow where access and manuring space is limited. Since the proposed entrance is in front of residential entrances, this will introduce substantial extra hazard to residents and the general road users.
O3. Increased noise:
Since proposed entrance is in the residential area separated by relatively narrow Queen Edith's Way, it will impose a substantial noise and disturbance to the neighborhood from both the crowds and the vehicles.
O4. Dust pollution:
This will introduce substantial amount of extra dust and pollen into the atmosphere with huge amount of vehicles expected to use the access in this highly residential neighborhood. People with heart or lung diseases and allergies are at increased risk from dust and particle pollution. Note that the proposal does not include any tarmac entrance similar to the existing one.
O5. Privacy and nuisance:
With the expected huge crowds directed to this gate in the middle of the neighborhood will substantially increase the privacy and nuisance issues to the residents. In addition, lights from the vehicles getting in and out of the car park during the busy periods can be intrusive to the neighbors.

We strongly object entrance moving further towards Cherry Hinton as all of the above points O1 to O5 will be more aggravated as there are more residences further down. Especially for us, since the entire boundary of our property lies along the school ground where we have most of our rooms/windows located, will cause considerable disruption to our lives.

Here we outline few logical alternatives that we believe to be viable.
A1. No additional gate with chain-link fence/gate:
Since this is for the use of 5 days, considering above issues, some of them permanent, it would be appropriate to manage the traffic through existing purpose built entrance with a proper traffic management plan for these 5 days. If the existing gate is seen as an issue for the Folk festival organizers, they should consider moving the car parking out of the city and supply a bus service.
A2. Expand the existing gate for two-way traffic:
This area is purpose built with appropriate gating, kerb lowering, road markings and traffic lights supported by tarmacked entrance. Expanding the entrance will minimized the objections above.
A3. Build the gate in front of Netherhall Sixth-Form:
Move the proposed gate to be in front of the Netherhall Sixth-Form entrance and build a proper metal gate as the existing one rather than a chain-link fence/gate. This will reduce the impact on residents and road users but still may require removing greenery.

Yours faithfully
209, Queen Edith's Way Residents

222 Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8NL (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 May 2017

My husband and I wish to object. Email containing PDF sent ( twice) to Sav Patel.
This page keeos timing out, hence brevity of this message.

Ack requested fir comments

2 Babraham Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 0RA (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 24 May 2017

I find this an unnecessary uglification of this hedgerow and a strange application considering only annual use. Therefore I am objecting to this proposal.

204 Queen Ediths Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8NL (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sat 29 Apr 2017

Firstly I am not sure why this project has been labelled with 'Queen Emma primary school' as the field the fence borders is managed by The Netherhall School. When the primary school was built the use of that piece of land was retained by Netherhall as a sports field. There is no right of way through from this land to the Queen Emma site.

I have no objection to the proposed gateway being installed along the fence in Queen Edith's Way opposite my house in principle BUT I am concerned that the positioning of it is close to the lovely tree on the righthand side.

This would mean that any larger vehicles gaining access for the Folk Festival may catch the branches and cause damage. If this entrance was moved to the right, it would give clearance. There is a tree there but it is heavily infested with ivy.

Many of the trees on the Netherhall site were condemned a couple of years ago and the one opposite 204 was removed as soon as it was accessed as being dangerous.. The whole 'hedge/fence' is over grown and unkept and mont of the trees need attention.

I appreciate that the proposal to use this space for a car park for the duration of the Folk Festival, which will actually be longer than the weekend, but once this access gate is installed, how do we know that the field will not be used for other events?

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