Help: Simple Search

Simple Search

You can search for planning and building control cases by application reference, postcode or partial address.

Search by Application Reference

If you already know the application reference number, enter it here to view the case information:



Search by postcode

If you want to find all cases at a particular postcode, enter the full or partial postcode:


Or CB2 3Q (will also return records relating to CB2 3QB, CB2 3QN, etc.)

Search by partial address

If you want to find all applications for an address or in a street enter one line of the address:

32 Abbey Road

Abbey Road

The search tool does not understand abbreviations - e.g. St, Rd, Dr, Cl, Ave – please type in full and do not include any punctuation (full stops, apostrophes or commas) in the address. Note - When searching on part of an address, this may pick up unrelated information not relevant to your search.

e.g. Abbey will return records including “Abbey Walk”, “Abbey House” “Abbey Gardens”

Search by house/building name

If you want to find all cases at a particular house or building name, enter it here to view the case information:

Abbey House, Grand Arcade, Grafton Centre

Wildcard searching

Wildcard searching can be performed using the * or % character on any of the search criteria. Wildcards can be used if case details are only partially known.

For example to find cases in Abbey Walk, Abbey Gardens and at Abbey House:


To search for all cases that have 08 and FUL in the reference number:


To search for all postcodes starting with SA11:


To search for case numbers or addresses that start with 5: